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Piano Restoration

Allegro Pianos offers full piano restoration for Steinway, Bosendorfer and Bluthner pianos.

We can restore, rebuild or recondition almost any piano by request, and offer a selection of fine restored pianos for sale.

Please contact us to learn more about our piano restoration process, inventory and possibilities or to set a time to visit an Allegro Pianos showroom.


Steinway Pianos

Many of the restored instruments offered for sale at Allegro Pianos are Steinway pianos. These prime vintage Steinways, restored to the highest level by dedicated craftsman are considered amongst the very best in the industry.

What makes the Rebuilt Steinway pianos available at Allegro superior? 

Not all restoration is equal. Restoration means different things to different people. Allegro Pianos defines Full Restoration as replacing all major worn and naturally deteriorating parts and materials with new ones.

Steinway Pianos that we consider to be fully restored receive new soundboards, bridge caps, pinblocks, action parts and dampers. These are expertly replaced using the highest quality parts, materials and uncompromising workmanship. Our fully restored pianos are also completely refinished after having been sanded to bare wood, any imperfection repaired, sprayed with multiple coats of lacquer and rubbed to a beautiful finish.

The result is a Steinway Piano that is restored to a level that matches or even surpasses its original glory, that can be considered alongside the most revered manufacturers today and that an individual, family or institution will proudly own for many years to come.

The great European piano companies provide the highest standards for the quality of an instrument. Allegro Pianos' Steinways are measured against this standard and therefore strive to be the best of the best in a world of discerning pianists and an industry that no longer accepts status quo for quality.

What are the key features of an Allegro Pianos Steinway?

Harps: The restored Steinways offered at Allegro Pianos have the original cast iron harps that were produced at Steinway's original foundry in New York prior to World War II when Steinway was still a family owned business. At the time, the production and fit of the harp was very carefully and easily monitored on the premises of Steinway's own factory. Some believe that this provided the circumstances for a superior result compared to post WW II era, when the harp production was moved to a commercial foundry off premises.

Soundboard: The new soundboards used on Allegro's Steinways are crafted from slow growth Eastern white spruce. The best knot free wood is hand selected to provide the greatest resonance for musical instruments in North America. White spruce is the material of choice for the most elite piano companies in the world.

Action: The Renner Company in Germany most often provides the action parts for the rebuilt Steinways at Allegro's showrooms. Renner also provides the action parts for the most highly regarded manufacturers in the world including Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Steingraeber, Estonia and Hamburg Steinway. We found that the fluid feel of a Renner action is usually preferred by both amateur and professional pianists.
However, if NY Steinway action parts are requested by a customer we'll be happy to install these as well.

Hammers: Allegro's pianos use a variety of high quality hammers to produce a diverse tonal range. Most often we choose the German Renner hammer which is widely considered amongst the best in the world for clarity of tone and craftsmanship. Renner also supplies the hammers for the German made Steinway pianos as well as many other high end makers. At times, we opt for the New York Steinway hammer or the German Abel hammer depending upon the tonal characteristics that our clients prefer.

Strings: The individually hand wound bass strings used on Allegro's Steinways provides a depth of tone to the bass that is not typically found on pianos that are produced in mass quantities. These can be found even on the smaller baby grands, giving them a richness of bass that might otherwise be unexpected.

Finish: The final step in the restoration of Allegro's Steinways is the finish work which gives the piano the appeal of an instrument that is just beginning a new long musical life. The furniture experts that create these beautiful satin luster finishes have for many years produced some of the best results in the industry. The process is lengthy, from the sanding of the base wood to the numerous coats of hand applied lacquer, culminating in a top coat of clear lacquer that must be hand rubbed at precisely the right time in order to avoid damaging the previous layers beneath. Once this process is completed, the result is not only visually exquisite but durable enough to last a lifetime.

Restored Bosendorfer and Bluthner pianos:

Instruments made by these very high-end European piano makers often call for unique parts and expertise in order to provide results that meet the high expectation associated with such immortal, history-rich makes.

Allegro Pianos, as an exclusive dealer for Bosendorfer and Bluthner in NY and New England mactually have the choice of restoring these pianos in the US or sending these instruments for full restoration at their home factories. When major work is called for, complete restoration at the manufacturer's factory in Germany or Austria may be both a viable and cost effective option for someone in search of a very high level instrument.

Please contact us for more details regarding the unique requirements and build process of these high level pianos.


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