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Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos by Kawai, Roland and Yamaha at Allegro Pianos.

We have a wide selection of Digital Pianos by various manufacturers and for different purposes.
Please contact us for more information about our digital pianos.

Kawai Digital Pianos

Kawai CN, CA and CS  digital piano series are great for home use and provide excellent performance and value ratios.  
The most 'piano like' tone and touch and logical controls make these Kawai digital pianos very successful as they are used by beginners and professionals alike. Kawai CN and CA  digital pianos are available in satin ebony, rosewood and mahogany finishes.
Kawai CS series is available in high polish ebony/black piano finish.

Kawai CP digital piano series includes several upright digital pianos and the baby grand model CP 209 allows the professional musician multi track recordings and the use of 1000 different voices.

Other Kawai digital pianos such as the praised portable digital model ES 7 or Kawai CE 220 are also available at Allegro Pianos.

Please contact us for current inventory of Kawai digital pianos.


Roland Digital Pianos

Roland’s digital grand piano models RG 1 and RG 3 provide the finest ‘piano like’ experience for home use. Finished in ebony satin or ebony polish these beautiful digital baby grand pianos take almost the same space as regular acoustic uprights but provide the fun, excitement and styling of a baby grand piano.

Roland's beautifully designed model LX 15 upright digital piano provides the most authentic acoustic piano tone.

Allegro Pianos have Roland digital pianos available at both our NYC and Stamford piano stores.
Please contact us for current inventory of Roland digital pianos.


Yamaha Digital Pianos 

Yamaha Arius series of digital pianos provides a simple, inexpensive option for home use digital pianos.
Yamaha CP series of digital pianos provide a basic and reliable technology for portable digital pianos and electric keyboards.

We carry Yamaha digital piano models only at our Stamford showroom.

Please contact us to learn more about our Yamaha digital piano inventory.


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