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Stamford, CT Piano Store Hours and Directions

Allegro Pianos Stamford showroom has a wide selection grand pianos, upright pianos and digital pianos for sale.

Please contact us prior to visiting the showroom to learn more about our extensive piano inventory and to set up a time to try our pianos.

Allegro Pianos serves a wide area and offers many brands of pianos for sale. We have pianos suitable for various uses, acoustical environments and playing styles.

We carry pianos that excel in home use, institutional use, professional use and who's tones and touch greatly differ from one another.

At our Stamford showroom we focus on several groups of pianos. 

The first group of pianos is of instruments that are most suitable for families with children and students of all ages. These pianos have the necessary qualities allowing students to succeed in lessons and develop a musical playing style. They provide good performance, reliability and are friendly to each consumer in cost.

The second group is of the highest quality pianos. In fact, Allegro Pianos' Stamford showroom has the most extensive selection of high quality handcrafted pianos in North America and draws visitors from all over the United States and beyond.

The ability to play, listen to and compare such pianos side by side is unique and can be done only at Allegro Pianos Stamford location as our official representation area of most of these brands covers much of the North Eastern United states.

The third group is of pianos most suitable for professional and institutional use.

We have new pianos and used pianos in either group...and yes, we also carry an array of Digital Pianos meant for students, home use or institutional use where the emphasis is towards getting the most 'piano like' tone and touch from a digital instrument.





Store Hours:

Allegro Pianos

Should you visit Allegro Pianos you'll be meeting with me, Ori Bukai,  the owner of Allegro Pianos.

I see customers one at the time so that they may have an ideal environment to learn about, enjoy and evaluate pianos.

I will meet with you at almost any time, including during regular business hours, evenings, weekends and long as you contact us in advance and set a time for a visit.

This allows Allegro Pianos to provide the highest level of care while reducing operating costs resulting in best possible piano buying experience, service and value.

So please, since I can't be at the showroom all the time, email us or call ahead at (203) 968 8888 to schedule your visit.

I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

Ori Bukai

Our by appointment only showroom’s address is 1068 Long Ridge Rd. Stamford, CT.


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