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Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos at Allegro Pianos.

Looking for a Yamaha grand piano, Yamaha upright piano or a Yamaha digital piano in NY, CT and the greater NYC area?  Allegro Pianos is your destination!

Allegro Pianos have excellent selection and prices for Yamaha Pianos. We offer used and nearly new Yamaha pianos for sale.

Please contact us for current inventory of available Yamaha pianos for sale at Allegro Pianos or Learn More about Allegro Pianos extensive selection of quality pianos.
We'll be happy to discuss the various models and provide the necessary information so that you can find the best piano for your needs! 

Low prices, easy financing and unique programs allow Allegro Pianos customers to get great values and obtain pianos at ease. 

Yamaha Pianos are also available through our piano rental program, however, we do not regularly work with all Yamaha Piano models.
Yamaha Grand Piano
Some Yamaha upright piano models and Yamaha baby grand piano models offered for sale in the US are made in China and Indonesia. 

According to Larry Fine's 'Piano book' 2012 supplement (, all Yamaha vertical pianos less than 48" tall are now made in China. These include Yamaha vertical piano models P118, P 22, P 660, M560 and BL which are all made in China. The taller 48" Yamaha upright piano model T121SC is also made in China and the Yamaha baby grand model GB 1 is made in Indonesia.

We don't usually carry Yamaha piano models that are made in China. We prefer Yamaha piano models that are still made in Japan such as Yamaha Piano models starting with the letters U or Y (such as the U1 and U3 upright pianos) or Yamaha grand piano models starting with the letter C. 

Customers asking about Yamaha pianos are often also inquiring about Kawai pianos. Allegro Pianos has a variety of Kawai piano models,  made in Japan, for sale. 


What are 'Yamaha grey market pianos'?

These Yamaha pianos were sold originally in various Asian countries and then repurchased and imported to the US as used pianos.
Yamaha does not always sell parts for such pianos.
There are arguments regarding the validity and motivations for such a policy but regardless of the point of view, Allegro Pianos rarely work with grey market pianos or with any Yamaha pianos that are older than 20 - 25 years of age and a
lmost all Yamaha pianos offered for sale at Allegro Pianos were made for the American market.

We receive used Yamaha pianos from customers who choose to upgrade from their Yamaha pianos, often after only a few years, to one of the many new or used higher quality piano brands offered for sale at Allegro Pianos. Trade in Yamaha pianos are carefully inspected, prepared and then offered for sale at substantial discounts over new Yamaha pianos and at much lower prices than typical new Yamaha pianos are sold for in the greater NYC area. 
Allegro Pianos also offers great warranty and service for used Yamaha Pianos. 

Please contact us for current inventory of availableYamaha pianos for sale at Allegro Pianos or Learn More about our extensive selection of quality pianos.


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