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Steinway Pianos

Photo Gallery of Steinway Pianos

Steinway Pianos at Allegro Pianos

An excellent selection of Steinway pianos is available any time at Allegro Pianos.
Allegro Pianos carry Steinway pianos in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.

Please contact us for information regarding our current inventory of Steinway pianos or Learn More about the most extensive inventory of highest quality pianos in North America found only at Allegro Pianos.

Our Steinway pianos are from different vintages.
Some Steinway pianos are restored, others reconditioned and yet other Steinway pianos are of recent periods and in original mint condition. 
Our vintage-era (pre World War II) Steinways are fully restored to the highest standards in the industry.

'Golden era' Steinway pianos are considered by many to be the finest Steinway pianos ever built.
After receiving full restoration, these Steinway pianos perform according to many pianists opinions better than brand new Steinway pianos of similar sizes.

The restoration process of steinway Pianos offered at Allegro Pianos is meticulous.
We combine the best of the vintage American Steinway and the best of the modern German Steinway to create the finest Stewinay piano made.
To find out more about the process please visit the Piano Restoration Page on our website.

Some pianists say that our Steinway Pianos may even be compared  to and hold their own alongside the very high end  more expensive European pianos found at Allegro Pianos such as Bosendorfer (Austria), Bluthner (Germany) or Steingraeber (Germany).

The high standard of finish of our restored Steinway pianos is also evident, and in most cases their looks either matches or surpasses that of new Steinway pianos.
In spite of the high level of restoration, performance and finish of rebuilt Steinway pianos, our efficient business model allows us to price these pianos at considerable discounts to comparable new Steinway Pianos models.
Trade in Steinway pianos are accepted regularily, restored, reconditioned or prepared for sale depending on their age and state.

Since a good portion of our business consists on working with high end European pianos, we get a fair amount of recent vintage pre owned Steinway pianos as trade ins.
Often, these Steinway pianos are only a few years old and offered at considerably lower prices than comparable new models of Steinway pianos.

We also provide our Steinway Pianos with Allegro Pianos industry leading five year warranty, and offer outstanding future upgrading possibilities towards any of our higher end European pianos.

Visit our Piano Restoration Page to learn more about Steinway rebuilding or contact us with any questions.



Photo Gallery of Steinway Pianos   

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