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Steingraeber Pianos

Steingraeber Pianos Finishes

Steingraeber Pianos - Authorized Steingraeber piano sales in NY, CT, NJ and MA.

Allegro Pianos has an extensive selection of Steingraeber grand pianos, Steingraeber baby grand pianos and Steingraeber upright pianos at any time.

Please contact us for current inventory and information about Steingraeber Pianos or Learn More about our extensive inventory of very high quality pianos.

One of the world's oldest and most exclusive piano manufactures, producing
only 5-6 Steingraeber grand pianos and a handful of Steingraeber upright pianos monthly, Steingraeber is often referred to as the best kept secret among high end piano makers.Steingraeber

A visit to the Steingraeber piano factory in Bavaria, Southern Germany, reveals a picture of a five-generation family-owned company, with the commitment and knowledge to create the most marvelous, non-compromised, musical instrument possible.
The historical Steingraeber piano museum, gives one the opportunity to view, and perhaps even play, instruments that were made in the same fashion as famed composer Franz Liszt's Steingraber piano.

The often-used term, "hand made", can not nearly describe the dedication and manufacturing procedures leading to the majestic Steingraeber sound. Careful steps are taken to preserve every bit of the strings vibrating energy, and convert it to the full, colorful and singing tone reaching the listener's ear.

Each Steingraeber piano is assigned to one craftsman, responsible for building the entire body of the instrument, and ensuring through perfect fitting that no sustain-robbing gaps are to be found. The meticulous attention in manufacturing is evident along the production, where even soundboards of Steingraeber pianos are individually "tuned" to produce the best possible tone.

A good selection of these sought after instruments are available for trial here, at Allegro Pianos, any time.  Please contact us for more information.

Steingraeber Pianos Finishes   

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