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Allegro Pianos Reviews and Testimonials

Allegro Pianos reviews and testimonials

Internet forum posts:

Posted November 5, 2006


Member # 10349

I am so proud of myself for overcoming the fears that I have had over the past year to travel into the big city... I traveled by Amtrak to Stamford where Ori met with Bernard (traveling from the Brooklyn) and myself. Then used the inexpensive Fung Wah busline from Chinatown to travel back to Boston two days later.

We were very impressed with both Ori and his whole operation.  The shop is warm and comfortable, filled with finely prepped grands and a few uprights. Although I was there to try the Bluthner upright (and loved it) I am now affording myself the luxury of trying grands as well. When, if not now?

An enthused Ori gave us Piano Course 101, 201, 301, and even 401 - hearing and evaluating tones!

This helped greatly as we explored the pianos and evaluated what we were hearing. I now can 'hear' the attack, sustain, and decay much better. Most interesting was hearing how the Estonia's attack seems to 'open' immediately into more sound rather than just dropping off. I guess that is what gives it its lushness.

The Bluthner upright has a beautiful pure tone (as well with the grands). Plenty of ability for power, yet having a cleaner bass than I have noted on others. Playing chords in the bass did not sound too rich or muddled. Playing Bass melodies was heavenly...


Posted October 21, 2006

Ryan E

Full Member
Member # 17987


Sunday afternoon we drove over to Stamford to Allegro Pianos. Our experience there was one of a kind. Ori greeted us warmly at the showroom door. He had arranged for entertainment for our four children while my wife and I received what I will call the Allegro Experience. For those of you who have not been to Ori's showroom, there are many details about the experience that I will purposely leave out. I will sum all of those details up in a single sentence.

Ori operates under a different business model that ensures his success and the satisfaction of his customers.

If any of you are struggling in the piano industry, I would suggest that you hire Ori as a consultant. I have no idea whether or not he is available for consulting, but if you are not, Ori, you would do well to consider it. Since our visit, I have been seeking ways to implement aspects of the Allegro Experience in my own business (totally unrelated to pianos).

Now for the pianos and my impressions. First, let me say that I have never played better prepared pianos. While you may think this is an unequivocally good thing, it really has two sides. The down side is that Ori's showroom is not like the typical piano store where there is one or a few pianos that really shine for you. All of the pianos feel and sound fantastic...



Full Member
Member # 16113

It was fun reading your description of Ori's presentation, Ryan, since I had the same feeling when I visited his showroom - like being a kid in a candy store, and isn't it ridiculous that you can play piano all your life and never learn how it is constructed and how it works? From my experience shopping at many other showrooms, I was surprised at how many pianos seemed not to have been prepped, or were poorly prepped. I just don't understand how people can buy a piano based on future potential, so I really appreciated how well prepped Ori's pianos were.


Posted October 22, 2006

CC2 and Chopin lover

Member # 14508

About a month or so ago I had the undeniable urge to begin the search for another piano. I recently sold my Steinway B and Bechstein A, foolishly believing I could get along just fine with just one acoustic Concert Grand and one terrific digital. I was wrong....very wrong. I had been spoiled by the wonderful ability to play different instruments, with different characters and personalities, whenever I felt like it, and there was no going back. Those of you who have spent time in great piano showrooms know what I mean. So my search began. Having read many, many posts on this forum by and about Ori Bukai of Allegro Pianos in Stamford, CT, I was drawn to his showroom, and curious to meet the "man behind the myth". Well, the first thing I have to say is that it is NO myth. Ori, and his wife Rebecca, run the most amazing operation I have ever encountered in ANY business I have dealt with. YOU, the customer, become the focus of their day. You are given the time, respect, attention and education a person deserves when about to make, what is likely to be, one of the single largest, and most meaningful, purchases they will ever make in their lifetime. The collection Allegro displays is nothing short of astounding...prepped, regulated, voiced and tuned to perfection, so that your buying experience is nothing short of spectacular!!! Ori spends hours and hours on each piano, bringing out the most each has to offer, so that his customers can make an informed decision. Suffice it to say that I did NOT leave empty handed that day...

Full Member
Member # 14292

Wow! Amazing Piano(s)! The wood on the Estonia is just fabulous...
I was at Ori's twice with my daughter, I had the same experience. He was solicitous and totally sincere. He has an amazing assortment of pianos and is, beyond his many opinions, extremely knowledgable. Best of luck!


Posted October 18, 2006

Member # 12781


Personally, my visit to Allegro Pianos was by far the most informative I've ever encountered in any dealer (no disrespect intended to other dealers - JMHO)... filled with demonstrations and discussions of grand action cross sections, sound board demos and a presentation on what goes into designing and building a piano - from the ground up. It was as much of a learning experience as it was a playing experience.

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. Estonia 168 - Serial # 1422

Full Member
Member # 16113


Originally posted by jollyroger:
Personally, my visit to Allegro Pianos was by far the most informative I've ever encountered in any dealer (no disrespect intended to other dealers - JMHO).

Ditto, ditto, ditto, and outstanding after-sale service too.


Posted October 18, 2006
Luckypianogirl, 11/05, CT:

Hi everyone,

Well we went to visit Ori at Allegro Pianos today. .He did a wonderful job in explaining the piano making process, the difference in the makers, and of course mesmerized us in his piano playing.

Then we unleashed my daughter…when she played the Bluthner, well need I say more. She tried both the Model 4 and the Model 2. I believe she feel in love. She loved the clarity and the tone of both. She felt the model 2 was even cleaner and deeper than the Model 4. At this point I feel she has chosen the Model 2. She just played until her heart was content. And now she is wondering when can it arrive. [Roll Eyes]

… Anyways, again thanks to Ori. He was terrific, anyone that needs too understand pianos, see him. He was great.

I will let you know what comes next.

Thanks Again,
Lucky Piano Girl

1/28/06 follow up:

Sorry for the lack of follow up. My mistake.
Yes, we did end up going with the Bluthner. I can't say enough about Allegro pianos...
What a beautiful instrument! My daughter seems to really like playing on it. She sounds great. Funny, my husband says that I even sound better. (Believe me it would have to be wonderful in order to help my playing. My daughter is definitely the musician.) Once I take some pictures I will try to figure out how to load them into this site.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I will try to keep you posted on how things are going.

Have a GREAT Day!


Posted March 24, 2008

Full Member
Member # 27003

… I’ve purchased through Ori at Allegro Pianos and all I can tell you is the experience with Ori is amazing; he is very knowledgeable and gracious.


Posted October 11, 2007

library lover
Full Member
Member # 21347


I am 99% certain that I am going to purchase a NEW Estonia 190 6'3" Grand Piano from Ori at Allegro Pianos.

Does anyone else own or have either positive/negative experiences re: the Estonia brand? Please be critically honest in your assessments.



1000 Post Club Member
Member # 12063

Estonia 190 is a world class great piano.
Ori is a class act. He is the Estonia guru.
Go for it without hesitation!

Piano Technician, member Piano Technicians Guild.

library lover
Full Member
Member # 21347


Thank you!

To my mind Ori is gifted and 100% trustworthy. It felt like he was inviting me to be a part of an extended family - rather than just a salesman selling pianos to a customer. My wife and I both felt a "Positive Vibe" from him throughout our time at his shop.

Thanks again for steering me in the right direction on my Estonia 190 decision…

Junior Member
Member # 20686

I was in your same exact situation and made the purchase. Although I did not purchase from Ori as I'm several hundred miles away, he helped me with my decision-making process. If it was more practical to purchase from Ori, I would have done so (I have the usual excuses of work, family, too far away, etc.). Although now that I think about it, the next time I purchase a piano I will make the attempt to visit Ori's store as I got the same positive vibe that you did via my conversations with Ori. Having a piano in our homes/lives is just too important an event not to make the effort to visit someone who can make the experience result in a positive fulfulling outcome.

My Estonia is a wonderful instrument, you will enjoy it…
Estonia 190, Mahogany Finish

Member # 12781


library lover,
Not only will you love your Estonia 190, but I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate you are to live near Ori. He's worked on my Estonia and Ori is a phenomenal tech (and a very talented pianist as well). Having move to Houston recently, I'm fortunate to have a tech who is very skilled (especially with Estonias ) and he's a concert pianist as well. If I ever lost him, I wouldn't think twice of paying for Ori to fly to Houston to work on my piano if needed. And I do NOT say that in jest. And if I ever upgrade to a Bluthner or Bosie, I would very likely fly up to Connecticut and buy it from Ori…

FYI, before moving to Houston, I visited a friend who had recently purchased a 190 in a bubinga finish from Ori. When I walked in his living room and saw it under halogen lights he had installed just to showcase the finish, it was positively breathtaking! While each piano has it's own sound signature (no 2 pianos are exactly alike - even from the same manufacturer), the finish itself is basically eye candy, as you put it.

Member # 4468

Both Ori and Estonia have excellent reputations, Congratulations!.


Full Member
Member # 16113

Eddie - the Estonia 190 is an AMAZING instrument, and you cannot go wrong with Ori - I know because I bought mine from him - his presentation was unforgettable and the most educational I ever experienced, his pianos meticulously prepped, and his support has been second to none. I LOVE the Ebony satin finish on mine. I know exactly how you feel - it was my biggest purchase ever, other than the house. My best advice is to try everything you can get your hands on, including pianos way out of your price range for comparison - that's what I did when I shopped. Best of luck.

John Perkins
Full Member
Member # 16212

Estonia and Ori are both fantastic. You won't regret your purchase.



Posted August 18, 2008

Full Member
Member # 22151


I had a great time visiting Ori. He's a class act and he has wonderful wonderful high end European pianos.

Ori was such a class act and ran such a nice business that he was one of the few I'd love to buy a piano from….

If you think you like AF, bluthner, bosie, etc. by ALL MEANS go see Ori! It is a wonderful experience…


Posted June 25, 2008

Junior Member
Member # 28425


It has been quite a while since I have last posted. Our piano search, however, has ended, selecting a Bluthner A…

In terms of the search itself, the piano was for my 8yo son who has been playing for about 2 years. While I took lesson many ages ago, I am not a player, but maybe at some point down the road. Our budget was fairly liberal on the basis that this would be a once (maybe twice) in a life time purchase and I wanted to enjoy the sound. While a smaller grand was a possible option, the preference was for an upright due to the smaller footprint and the greater flexibility (likelihood to move). It was also my son's preference. He was and continues to be captivated at the engineering aspects of an upright piano and I think there is a good argument of having a piano they want to play. I am not really concerned that he will outgrow it, but if he does I assume he will be quite the player.

In terms of the piano, I am more than pleased with the dealer experience and the sound of the piano. My son has not touched his electric keyboard since the piano arrived, event though he wanted to make sure it wasn't moved. His piano teacher has also played the piano twice and her comments have been extremely positive, if not glowing. On her last visit, she commented that has never heard of the brand before we purchased it, but the piano sounds nicer than her own. It was nice to hear her comments as well as to hear her play it.


Posted March 07, 2008

Shelby Guy
Full Member
Member # 27804

Bright and early on Friday morning, I arrived at Ori's...
He is an amazing representative for the industry: he acts as a consultant, and certainly has strong opinions, but is thoughtful and open to questions, discussion, and even dissent. He also has the best-prepped piano inventory I've found. (I'm sure there are others who do a fine job, but I haven't been there.)...
I also learned more than I thought possible about all aspects of pianos—sound production, manufacture, marketing, distribution, etc. As many others have reported, he is especially skilled at helping a person identify and quantify specifically what it is about various pianos that appeals to one's individual tastes and preferences…


Posted March 15, 2008 In response to: ‘Where to shop in New England ’?)

Junior Member
Member # 27914

Although Stamford , CT is about three hours away, it's worth the drive to visit Ori at Allegro Pianos. He has some absolutely beautiful tier one and tier two pianos! The experience one has at Allegro Pianos is like no other. Ori gives his personal attention to each client walking through his door. You will leave feeling very informed about all his pianos both musically and mechanically. I've visited a number of piano dealers in the last months and Ori is the best of the best!

Ori's website is:

Posted August 19, 2007 In response to: I live in Texas, but as there isn't a good collection of tier one or two piano dealers in Texas, I will of necessity need to purchase this piano long distance, so to speak. I plan to visit NYC soon and am hopeful that I will find "my" piano.

CC2 and Chopin lover
1000 Post Club Member
Member # 14508

Be sure to make an appointment with Ori Bukai at Allegro Pianos in Stamford, CT when you come to New York. He is a short distance from the city and the trip will be an enlightening and unforgettable experience. He now carries new Bosendorfers, Bluethners, August Forster, well as superbly rebuilt Steinways, Yamahas and Kawais.
He will make an appointment for you to spend the morning or afternoon with him. Just you and Ori, learning a tremendous amount about all the instruments he carries....and getting to play them to your heart's content!!!! Take my word for it, you will not be sorry you visited him.


Posted January 20, 2005

Full Member
Member # 6835

I have been looking for a grand piano for over a year now and today my piano actually arrived!

I visited Ori from Allegro Pianos this past weekend and was so impressed with the Estonia 190 that I bought one on the spot. Ori spent the better part of the day with me explaining all about the piano and pointing out things that made the Estonia so special.

I love everything about this piano. After seeing the 190, listening to it, and playing it I knew that this was the piano for me. I got the polished walnut finish and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

I'm looking forward to many happy years playing my new Estonia 190. Thanks Ori!


Posted January 24, 2006

Member # 5929

Just a word about Ori Bukai and Allegro Pianos. I have visited his store twice (once over the weekend, and earlier today), for several hours each time, with family and without...

I have played almost every Tier One piano (except the quetzel-like Steingraeber) and many Tier Two pianos, usually in several different model sizes, at basically a dozen dealers all over the tri-state area. Objectively, one could call me obsessive-neurotically insane in the level of detail I brought to the search. But it was important to me to get a quality piano to share my life with every day. And at the end of this comprehensive search, I am buying...from Ori Bukai of Allegro Pianos.


…his deep love of pianos and the quality of his personally prepped inventory would be clear to anyone who actually walks into his shop…


Posted September 11, 2008

Junior Member
Member # 32477

In late March, without Sarah (my daughter), I drove to Allegro Pianos in Stamford, CT. Ori Bukai ushered me into his primary showroom, which was divided into two sections, one containing mostly smaller grands and the other containing larger grands. Ori made his fascinating presentation on piano design and construction, the two fundamental concepts being conservation and filtration of sound. I will not elaborate here, but anyone interested in the details will not regret a visit to Allegro Pianos to experience the presentation first hand.

Ori played and briefly commented on a number of different pianos, then left me to play for myself...

All of the large pianos had wonderful actions, though the 7’ 4” Bösendorfer stood out as particularly responsive. The tone of the Bösendorfers improved with length: the 7’ 4” had the same unique blend of gentle warmth and clarity that the smaller pianos had, but it had greater projection, vitality, and complexity...
The Blüthner was difficult to get a handle on. I had read that Blüthners have a warm sound, but I didn’t hear that. Its clean, pure tone seemed a little stark at first, despite the long, singing sustain. Only in time I did begin to hear the subtle complexity of the tone. Although I was impressed with the focus and intensity of the tone, my reaction was more respectful than passionate. The Steingraeber shared the Blüthner’s tonal intensity, but it had huge projection, a rich colorful bass, and a brilliant treble.

I drove home from Stamford in an excited and confused state. All of the pianos I had played had very distinctive personalities that I did not yet fully understand. I did not have a clear favorite...


…We left Manhattan and drove to Stamford for my second visit to Allegro Pianos. Ori gave a highly abbreviated presentation for the benefit of Sarah and my wife, and then Sarah and I began to play the large grands while my wife and son went upstairs to meet Ori’s family. The 6' 9" Steingraeber was not the same piano as I had played previously, though I could not perceive any difference. There was also a new piano, a 7’ 8” Blüthner…

After we had played all of the pianos, I was still unsure of which I liked the best. Ori then played while Sarah and I sat and listened, an extremely helpful exercise. I asked Ori to alternate between the 7’ 8” Blüthner and the 6’ 9” Steingraeber. For slow Chopin I had no preference: the pianos were equally wonderful in their very different ways. For Beethoven, Debussy, and boogie-woogie, I preferred the Blüthner. Sarah liked the Bösendorfer best.

Ori lent me a template to help us get a better feeling for how big a piano our room could handle, and we left to sort through the welter of impressions we had formed that day.

[To be continued.]

Junior Member
Member # 32477

When I got home from Stamford I laid out the piano template and found that, although it would be a little crowded, a piano as large as 7’ 8” could fit into the intended space. Size would therefore not be the determining factor.

…I decided to pass on the Fazioli and choose from among the pianos in Stamford….

I concluded in the end that I preferred the concentrated, bittersweet tone of the Blüthner over the warm, expansive, silky tone of the Bösendorfer. If it is possible to compare the tone of a piano with the tone of a violinist, then Blüthner is Szeryng and Bösendorfer is Oistrakh. (And Fazioli is Heifetz?) And I decided I preferred the more focused and pure bass of the Blüthner over the colorful bass of the Steingraeber. The August Förster, by far the best value for money of the group, lost out largely because I did not find the comparatively straightforward treble as interesting as that of the other pianos, though I still think the bass is second to none.

…Having settled on a Blüthner, I decided that the 7’ 8” Model 2 was worth the extra money. It was The One.

I will pose the question that must have occurred to many of you: “Let me get this straight. You decide you want to upgrade from a digital console piano, so you start shopping upright pianos, then you look at 6’ grands, then you look at 7’ grands, then you end up with a 7’ 8” Blüthner after considering Bösendorfers, Steingraebers, and Faziolis. Have you no sense of proportion or restraint?” Evidently not, but in my defense I refer you to a well-established Law of Nature, the How-ya-gonna-keep-‘em-down-on-the-farm-once-they’ve-been-to-Gay-Paree Principle...

Like everything else about this story, delivery of the piano was not typical. The movers reportedly had made unprintable comments just seeing photos of my front steps, but that was nothing compared to their reaction upon viewing the prospective ascent in person. They decided to use the neighbor’s steps instead of mine, which are more numerous as well as curved in two sections. Here are the photos:

Up the first set of steps.

Home at last, without a scratch, with duet bench and Dampp-Chaser.

Having this glorious instrument available in our home for daily playing seems like a waking dream. Every time I hear Sarah play, I am reminded how achingly beautiful the sound of this piano is. In playing familiar pieces, I continually discover how to bring out new tones and to shape phrases in ways I never could before. The dynamic range is sensational. Every moment spent on the piano is utterly joyous. I feel blessed.


Posted November 15, 2006

J. Mark
Full Member
Member # 19734


I am new to this forum, so I hope I'm not violating any rules or protocol. I had an experience today that, to my mind, deserves mention here.

Several days ago, I contacted a local piano dealer, Allegro Pianos, whose shop is about fifteen minutes from my office. The woman who answered was very nice and suggested I make an appointment to come in. 

In over 40 years of playing various musical instruments (all badly, I should say), I have never had an experience like this. Ori welcomed me into his beautiful shop, his wife offered me coffee, and we spent *three hours* together. I insisted I didn't want to take up too much of his time, but he made it clear he was happy to do this as long as I was willing to stay.

I learned more in that three hours than I think I've ever learned in such a short period. Most of what Ori explained, showed and demonstrated was stuff that he knew had no real "relevance" to my purchasing decision, as it related to pianos well above my budget. He simply said he thought I should know these things. It was a tremendous experience...

There was never, once, during the entire visit, even the slightest "sales" talk. Whenever I asked about prices, he just encouraged me to forget about that for the time being, and just listen and learn. That was definitely the way to do it, as I did not have "price information" to influence my thinking.

My impressions...fwiw...and I am not a "trained ear" for the piano.... First, the Bluthner was the most exquisite instrument I think I have ever seen or heard. Oh if I had that kind of money! (I was actually surprised at how low the price was.) I think I was able to discern the different sounds of the Steinways, the M&H's, and the various other brands (apart from learning a great deal about their various construction and design). Same with the Yamahas (he had a few) and others.

Without any apparent "suggestion," I concluded that the pianos that I liked best in the shop were the Estonias. I was very surprised when I learned the prices (I finally managed to get him to tell me the prices before I left). These seem like a great deal. The Bohemias were also impressive for the money. I was not tempted by the Asian pianos, when played next to these.

There is nothing like having a knowledgeable, gracious, low-pressure (no pressure), thoughtful, intelligent, articulate person sit down and explain, in great detail, the various things that make pianos different from each other. Thank you, Ori! I will be speaking with you soon...

New York


Member # 12781

Ori is well known throughout NY, CT and NJ as well as on this forum. I too had one of the best learning experiences by visiting him when I was looking for pianos - a 90 minute drive from Long Island and worth every minute. I wound up buying an Estonia 168 about 6 months later. Dollar for dollar, I found the Estonia's an unbeatable value for their price point. And my 168 sounds better and better with each passing day. The Bohemia's are nice too, but once I checked into the underlying construction between the 2, the Estonia's were worth the extra money - hands down (Just MHO though)...
Good luck in your continued search.


Emails and letters:

Jim F: 
August 11, 2014    
It has always been wonderful to find so many of the world's greatest pianos under one roof. The opportunity to compare between a half dozen different top European makers in one showroom, and to find all the pianos precisely tuned and maintained is a unique experience that allowed me to select my piano with confidence.

Kathy A.
Feburary 20, 2015
Ori, I am professionally trained to advise clients on how to make their customers’ experiences above their expectations. What I can tell you is that my  experience with everyone at Allegro was over the top... I always wanted a baby grand but I was not actively looking for one at just that moment. I had just bought a keyboard for Christmas to see if I was really serious about playing again.  It was all fate re the Bosendorfer and the Kiss sealed the deal as well as your great technical assistance... I believe the Angel of Music drew me to your store. (I’ve seen Phantom 13 times so far....) I am not really joking about all this. Things happen for a reason.

Christine L.
After spending six months searching for a piano, I discovered the Estonia 6’3” Parlor Grand. I fell in love with it after playing only one piece on it, and bought it that day. That was two and a half years ago and my respect for the piano has only increased.  Every time I sit down and play it, I appreciate the wonderful action, balance of sound, and the overall incredible tone. I find myself rediscovering music I have played in the past, just to hear how it will sound on the Estonia. This piano makes me want to play it. I continually enjoy the wonderful experience


Jenaire L.
Music Professional

As a former client of Allegro pianos, I was able to get the piano of my dreams. The pianos they offer are of the highest quality as well as the service. Would highly recommend visiting Allegro Pianos when thinking of acquiring a piano.

Joseph D.
March 8, 2015
I truly appreciate everything you did — offering your time to give me an education and practical understanding -- to make having a beautiful 6’10 Estonia a reality for me.  Having such a refined instrument in my living room has changed my life forever.  It still overwhelms me with joy every time I am seated at it, and with each note that I play.  I know this will continue for many years to come.  I have you to thank for that. 




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