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Kawai Pianos

Kawai Pianos - Authorized Kawai piano sales in NYC, Westchester and Southern CT.

We have a very wide selection of Kawai grand pianos, Kawai baby grand pianos and Kawai upright pianos for sale. Please contact us for current inventory of Kawai pianos.

Perhaps the most technologically-advanced piano maker in the world, Kawai utilizes unique manufacturing techniques and specialized materials to produce both an excellent musical instrument and an outstanding value for both Kawai grand and Kawai upright pianos.

The new Kawai GX 'BLAK' series of grand and baby grand pianos, Kawai GE-30 and GM-12  baby grand pianos and Kawai K series upright pianos  that are 48" and up are all made in Japan and are available at our showroom at any time along with many other Kawai piano models.

The highly-acclaimed, updated Kawai GX 'BLAK' series of grand and baby grand pianos contains six models of Kawai RX 'BLAK' series pianos ranging in size between 5'5 and 7'6. This new series reflects Kawai's efforts to offer quality instruments designed to serve a wide range of piano needs -- from home to institutional settings. Allegro Pianos' expert preparation of new and used Kawai pianos allows for them to be played, heard and evaluated at their best!

Kawai GE 30, at 5'5 in length and Kawai GM 12, GM 11 and GM 10 at 5' in length are excellent baby grand piano models with a look and sound fitting great at any home.
The GE 30 and GM 12 are made in Japan and feature Kawai's praised Millennium III Carbon Fiber action that can also be found at Kawai's higher level RX Blak series models. The GM 10 provides outstanding value but does not feature this advanced action and is made at Kawai's factory in Indonesia.

A great selection of Kawai vertical pianos including K series models from 45" to 52" in height such as the K 200, K 300, K 400 and K 500...and various wood finish and decorator models of Kawai upright pianos are also available at Allegro Pianos.

If you are looking for a new, used or refurbished Kawai Piano, please be sure to meet with an Allegro Pianos' expert team member before you purchase. Our experience in selecting, preparing and servicing Kawai pianos is an extremely valuable step to take before and after the purchase.

Please contact us for more information about our piano inventory.

NYC Kawai Piano Store: (212) 265 2455
CT Kawai Piano Store: (203) 968 8888


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