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Estonia Pianos - Consumer Information!

Allegro Pianos is the exclusive Estonia Piano dealer in the NYC metro area, NY, CT an New England.

Over recent years, the Estonia piano factory implemented a large number of changes/improvements that contributed greatly to the pianos' recognition and popularity.
It had become a leading importer of grand pianos from Europe to the US.

During the 1990's, a Juilliard graduate and performing pianist Dr. Indrek Laul had purchased a stake in the Estonia piano factory, becoming a sole owner in 2001.
since then, the pianos were continuously refined until they had reached the extremely high level of production evident in the past few years.

Estonia pianos made 5 or 10 years ago were excellent pianos, however, they were materially different than such instruments made during the past few years and which are built to the highest standards in the industry.

The below list highlights some of the changes/improvements that Estonia Pianos received between the years 2005 and 2010.

For more information about Estonia Pianos, please contact us.

  1. The bridge of the upper section has been cut inwardly, to reduce the soundboard's contact with the bridge and increase reverberations of the soundboard.
  1. The pressure from the strings to the soundboard has been reduced for the upper two octaves, to increase flexibility for the soundboard to vibrate.
  1. Soundboard mounting has been changed, resulting in less contact of the inner rim and soundboard. Our aim was to increase soundboard area for resonating and have it less muted by the contact with the inner rim in the upper supper sections of the piano.
  1. The number of soundboard ribs has been reduced, to give the upper section of the piano soundboard more flexibility to vibrate.
  1. The height of the soundboard ribs has been reduced, to give more flexibility for soundboard vibrations.
  1. The direction of the cut of the soundboard ribs has been changed to reduce their stiffness and provide more freedom for the soundboard.
  1. The length of the soundboard ribs has been reduced, to reduce tension in the soundboard.
  1. The action components have been specially prepared to reduce component's friction, resulting in more sensitive touch of keys.
  1. The down-weight of the keys has been changed from 50 to 48, resulting in lighter touch.
  1. The black keys of the keyboard have been changed from plastic to real ebony wood. There is a better touch to the wooden keys.
  1. Felts under the piano keys have been changed, to increase the sensitivity of the keyboard.
  1. Depending on the each individual instrument, craftsmen lower or increase the height of the iron plate to optimize pressure of the strings to the bridges, resulting in better sustain of the piano tone.
  1. The copper of the bass strings has been woven more tightly onto the steel strings, resulting in richer sounds of bass notes.
  1. The lid material has been changed, resulting in lighter lids to lift.
  1. The leg design has been made thinner for a more elegant look.


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