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Bluthner Pianos

Bluthner Piano Gallery

  Bluthner Pianos - Authorized Bluthner pianos sales in NY, CT, NJ and MA.

Allegro Pianos has Bluthner grand and upright pianos available.
contact us to learn more about our Bluthner piano inventory.

Owned /operated by the Bluthner family for 160 years, Bluthner pianos are hand made in Germany.

With pure singing qualities that are complementary rather than overpowering, Bluthner pianos are perfect for use in upscale home settings, smaller venues or for voice accompaniment /chamber music. With several Bluthner baby grand pianos, home size Bluthner grand pianos and up to the Bluthner concert grand piano you are likely to find a Bluthner piano that matches your intended placement and use.
Blüthner Pianos Pianos
Special designs and construction methods create the unique Bluthner Piano tone, while uncompromising workmanship and attention to detail ensures that each Bluthner Piano is a beautiful work of art by itself.

A Bluthner Piano in your home will look as exquisite as it will sound! The Bluthner piano touch is precise and very responsive. It is a perfect piano to develop and hone musical skills by allowing students to change the piano's tone effortlessly and at lower volume.
At some of our music school's studios, we placed Bluthner pianos for these reasons, providing piano students of all ages the ability to develop a sensitive touch and produce an expressive, varied tone even if they are beginners with relatively little technical skills.

Bluthner pianos are available in various wood finishes and case styles. From ebony to the very exotic wood veneers, the workmanship of Bluthner pianos is flawless, and the Bluthner piano factory is eager to accommodate requests for special finishes or unique case design.

Please contact us to learn more about Bluthner pianos or to set up a time to visit our showroom and experience these fine pianos first hand.

Bluthner Piano Gallery   

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