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About Allegro Pianos

Allegro Pianos, your one stop destination for quality pianos! Two major Piano Stores in
Stamford, CT and New York, NY.

Please contact us to play and compare a wide variety of pianos.

Allegro Pianos
Learn about the important features in the design of fine pianos, how these affect the tone, touch, longevity and value of these instruments…and find the piano that is just right for you.

The high performance, hand crafted piano brands we represent differ substantially from each other in sound qualities and offer diverse choices of tone and touch. In addition, a high degree of customization and personalization of these pianos is available.

Unmatched selection of quality brands at allegro Pianos draws regularly visitors from all four corners of the nation and beyond...allowing a unique side by side piano comparisons.

Our Bosendorfer, Bluthner and Steingraeber pianos, made in Austria and Germany, are perhaps the most revered instruments in the piano industry. While sharing a commitment for uncompromising excellence, each has its own distinct character.

Estonia and August Forster are two other fine European piano makers producing high quality handmade pianos combining exceptional musicality and value.

Kawai pianos from Japan are arguably the most technologically advanced piano makers. Using unique manufacturing techniques and special materials to produce excellent musical instruments at surprisingly affordable prices!

Our Steinway pianos represent the best of American piano making. A meticulous restoration process for vintage instruments, using the best available parts, materials and craftsmanship, revives these pianos and brings them to their former glory…with extensive selection of trade in Steinway always available.

Allegro Pianos ShowroomGenerous trade-in allowances, trade-up programs and easy-term financing help make your piano buying experience as rewarding and easy as possible.

So spend some time with us, learn about pianos and know that whatever piano you buy will be the right one for you and that it will have the long-term support of Allegro Pianos, your personal guide to the world of fine pianos.

A Word From Ori Bukai - Owner Of Allegro PianosOri Bukai - Allegro Pianos

Buying a piano can be a wonderful but sometimes confusing experience. There are many makes, styles and types of pianos at myriad levels of craftsmanship.
Then, of course, there are new pianos,  used pianos,  reconditioned pianos and restored pianos...
There are pianos to be had for almost any purpose and at almost any price level.

However, to successfully find an instrument that meets one's particular needs, environment and expectations... some information may be required as it is not a decision that should be rushed into.

I advise our customers to invest time and learn about pianos. A knowledgeable customer is more likely to choose an instrument that is right for her purposes and to be pleased with the choice for the long term. I enjoy taking the time to explain how different elements in piano design might be an advantage for one intended use…and a disadvantage to another.

A single hat does not fit all, and while some tone and touch qualities can be customized, other characteristics result from the instrument's design and reflects the intention of the manufacturer.

After all, a piano is likely to be part of your home for a long time and I consider my responsibility to assist in finding the piano that is right for you.

Thank you.

Ori Bukai - Allegro Pianos



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